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Chennai - Sightseeing


 ۞ Sightseeing

Without wishing to be off-putting, there isn't a great deal to see in Chennai that isn't put well in the shade by the rest of the state. It's a very pleasant city in many ways but it's also something of a non-event. The main reason travellers come here is to transact business (mail, money, tickets, visas) or to make a long distance travel connection. But while you are here it's worth visiting the following places:

Fort St George 
۞ Fort St George & St Mary's

Church Built in 1653 by the British East India Company but much altered from its original design, the fort presently houses the Secretariat and the Legislative Assembly. The Fort Museum, open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, has a fascinating collection of memorabilia from the days of the East India Company and the British Raj, including a 'Clive's Corner'. Entrance to the museum is free. Nearby is the Banqueting Hall, built in 1802, around the walls of which hang many paintings of the Governors of Fort St George and other high officials of the British regime.

St Mary's Church was built in 1678-80, the first English church in India. There are reminders here of Robert Clive, who was married in this church in 1753, and of Elihu Yale, the early Governor of Chennai who went on to found the famous university in the US. North of the fort is the old 1844 lighthouse and the 1892 High Court, with its lighthouse tower superseding the earlier one.

Government Museum ۞ Government Museum & Art Gallery
Located on Pantheon Rd, near Egmore Station, the most interesting part of this museum is the archaeological section and the bronze gallery. The latter has some excellent examples of Chola bronze workmanship. The museum and gallery are open daily except Fridays and public holidays between 8 am and 5 pm. Entrance is free.


۞ Kapaleeshwara Temple
Located off Kutchery Rd in the southern part of the city, this is an ancient Shiva temple with a typical Dravidian gopuram. It's worth a visit if your time is limited and you won't be visiting the more famous temple cities of Tamil Nadu. As with other functioning temples in this state, non-Hindus are only allowed into the outer courtyard.

San Thome Cathedral ۞ San Thome Cathedral
Located near the Kapaleeshwara Temple at the southern end of South Beach Rd, near the sea front, this Roman Catholic church is said to house the remains of St Thomas the Apostle. It was originally built in 1504 but rebuilt in 1893.


 Parathasarathy Temple
Parathasarathy Temple
Located on Triplicane High Rd, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Built in the 8th century during the reign of the Pallavas it was subsequently renovated by the Vijayanagar kings in the 16th centrry.

The Marina beach ۞ The Marina & Aquarium
The sandy stretch of beach known as the Marina extends for 13 km, as far south as the San Thome Cathedral. The aquurium is on the sea front near the junction of Pycroft's Rd and South Beach Rd and is open daily between 2 and 8 pm except on Sundays when it is open from 8 am. Entrance costs Rs 0.25.

Guindy Deer Park 

Guindy Deer Park & Snake Park
Situated close to Raj Bhavan at Guindy on the southern outskirts of Chennai, this is the only place in the world where it is still possible to see fairly large numbers of the fast-dwindling species of Indian antelope (black buck). It also has small numbers of spotted deer, civet cats, jackals, mongoose and various species of monkeys. The reptillium is open daily between 9 am and 6 pm and entrance costs Rs 0.50. Probably the best way of getting to Guindy is to take the urban commuter train from either Beach Railway Station, opposite the GPO, or from Egmore Station. There are also regular service buses from the centre of Chennai (45 or45B from Anna Square).


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