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Kerala History

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History Of Kerala:

That once attracted trades from distant lands. Kings Solomon’s ships came in 1000 B.C. to trade in ivory, ages, sandalwood and peacocks. In later times the Greeks and Romans came in their gathers and trades from the count of the Tan. Tan Emperors came in 7th century A.D. As for back as the 3rd century B.C. Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese and Babylonias came here for trading in The famous stone masonry at the Trivandrum beach built by the Maharaja of Travancore. There's a beautiful story associated with it; as long as Mandapa ( Masonry) stands on this beach, water will not pass or flood beyond this point. And so far that seems to be true.Ivory, spices, peacocks and sandal wood.

The first direct allusion to Kerala is fonded in an inscription of Eperor Ashoka (3rd century B.C.). It is believed that by the first century A.D. the whole of Kerala and surrounding regions came under the powerful dynastys of the Cheras, who ruled under the styles of Perumals from Triuvanchikulam near Carnganone(Muziris). The last Chera Emperor (9th century) says a legend accepted Islam and went on a pilgrimage to Mecca for the next six centuries was one of the internecine strife between the various chiefs following Vascodagama’s historic landing in Kozhikde (calicut). In 1498, the Portuguese established trading centers in Malabar. The Dutch, the French and British followed them for trade and for political power and the history of Kerala became a trangle of intrigues and shifting alliances between the European powers and the local Kingdoms, resulting finally in the ascendancy of the British. Raja Marthanda Varma who consolidated Travancore (the Southern Kingdom) in the 18th century, being menaced by Tipusultan of Mysur, entered into treaty with the Britsh. So did the Raja of Cochin (the middle Kingdom) being almost continuously engaged in an unequal war with the Zamoriam of Calicut, the most powerful ruler of Malabar. Malabar and Cochin passed under the sway of the Mysore Ruller for a few years  and on Tipu’s defeat in the battle at Sringapatnam in 1791, became a part of British India. In November 1956 nine years after, India’s freedom. The three regions which had remain disunted for centuries, joined to form Kerala as it today. In the age of the  SecondChera Empire Kulasehkara Alwar period 800 – 1102 A.D.

Vascodagama’s landing in Calicut in 1498.
In the 14th century old Mushaka dynasty came to be known as Kolathiris. Kerala was the earliest seat of Christianity in India. The religion traces its origin to Apostolic times dating from 52 AD suspension bridge,punaloorwhere St. Thomas, one of the twelve Apostoles of Jesus Christ was belived to have landed in Carnganore. Some, how ever hold the view that Christianity was introduced there from West Asia by Thomas of Kana in the fifth century by Nestorian missionaries from Persia. There was also a large number of Hindu castes distributed all over the state.

The Muslims of Kerala are known as Moplas. Some Arbic records state that a few missionaries sent out by the prophet reached Kerala near about 610 A.D. and converted on a number of people to islam.

Kerala has a small colony of Jews. It is believed that some of their ancestors came to the Malabar coast in the ships of King Solomon, others displaced from Jerusalam after the destruction of the second temple made their home at Cranganore.

The Christians of Kerala are a very enterprising community. Having distinguished themselves in agriculture, trade and in the liberal professions, they are in the forefront of the public life in Kerala. They have made considerable contributions in the fields of Educations and Industry and in the economic development of the state.

There was steady improvement of communication in the Malabar district under the British administration. The road Cannanore to Coorg was constructed in 1848 – 1851 and it was an important link in the communication system of the district and between 1810 – AD and 1830 and undertook the construction of several roads, the Priya Ghat road being the most important. The rise of the plantation industry in Wynad also gave a spurt to road building activities in North Malabar. During the period 1861 – 1907 A.D. the Railway line was laid from the Southern end of the district to the North.

In 1797 AD the English East India Company established a spice plantation at Anjarakandi, coffee, Cinamore, Pepper, Nutmeg and such others crops were cultivated here. It was from here that coffee was introduced into Wayanad. In the 19th century the Malabar District made progress in the field of education.

Kerala is the land a highly articulate and literate people. The midland are Coastal Regions have a luxuriant growth of coconut palms. Kerala’s progressive economy is agro – based Rubber and Cashewnut, valuable foreign exchange earners.

After Independence the princely state of Cochine and Travancore were combined to form the state of Kerala. In 1956 the Kerala's boundaries were redrawn along linguistic(Malayalam) lines to includes Malabar. A year later, kerala became the first state in the world to elect a communist government. The state's leftist tradition has brought many advantages to its citizens: reforms have to given Kerala the most equitable land distribution in India.

Kerala's biggest festival is Onam, held in september to celebrate the harvest, when carnivals, elephant procssion, and dance performancestake place all over the state. Kerala is reknowned for its elephant pegeants; the most famous is the Trichur Pooram in May. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most popular of the many backwater boat races, and is held on the second Saturday in August. Kerala is considered as the Indias most advanced society. There are hundred percent literate society. You can find world-class health care systems. The highest physical quality of life in India. Not to forget this that kerala is the most cleanest state in India (peaceful and pristine.)

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