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  Art Of Indonesia

Though it may not be of interest all the Indians touring as tourists and visitors to Indonesia, but definitely to some in numbers as our own Jwellery culture and tradition are so impressive and solid still it is quite inviting to note Balinese silver. Tourists and visitors in majority have fancy the all the products and articles Balinese in present days resulting the designs are becoming very modern objectively on account of natural agreement of the island it carry and extend it off well. Invariably thousandsof designs have touch of little silver beads impact glimpse of beauty. Gold stories called as tokomas spread over all over Indonesia exhibits in general  showy and gaudy merchandise articles in prominent manner are well noticed and on urgency and on impelling force visitors can negotiate with them to act as moneychangers and it carries on ordinarily successful and favorable.

Wood Work:
Indonesians are proud to have many persons or in particular a class blessed and born with crafty traditions and such suitable climatically condition island providing them plentiful wood to work with such miracles and strange things with mood by Indonesians.

Indonesians like to have houses made out of wood. They build with it and they fill their house with it  they keep on wooden figures of strings animals like lions and dragons as guard at home and that can be seen at doors and gates. These are well painted and provide colorful decoration to infuse  and inspire dread, reverential fear and wander in everybody not governable soul that may wandering around here and there  and want to create problems prejudicially situated within the homes/Houses.  These decorated wood plays vital role indicates and inspires spiritualism and can be eveashed under mischievous manner figures of gods in splendid way, playful and occasionally comic & funny positions and conditions are available as like for instance one can find compleate indicating sorrowful Ganesha with his trunk affectionately wrapped around a cork of wine and available.

Batik: without Batik it is not possible to complete your tour and book without it. It is not clear as because these are so colorful printed in many dyed designs and can attract tourists to purchase at a glance. In Indonesia a batik shirt is considered to be so special that it can be worn in any simple & special events. In ancient days it with these designs and prints considered to be very reliquistic and traditional effects and relations and relations whereas presently it counts as business ethics. As far as quality is concerned good items are still made out of natural dyes and are available in well reputed departmental who are only eligible  to sell these items  this traditional in batik is still alive and in class flavour and rich atmosphere at ease and pretty in old royal court towns of Jogjakarta and solo in central Java. What else tourists require that the best things in Batik you get beautiful nature wise designs best colors in made out of quality good cotton having consciousness of understand well suited with your body & taste.

Ikat is also very popular made for tie dyed manner then made woven clothes. It is most appealing to see the way it is packed  on file folders and fancy wallets and almost all villages of Indonesia are  accustom to practice such elegant crafty making tourists and visitors will feel pleasure in seeing personally how Ikat is being moven in Sulawesi, Java and Bali but obviously  Sumba and Flores and even timor in Nusa Tenggara shaped Ikat absolutely to a distinct and unlike standard and uniform manner. It is worth to see in Bali and Lombok in addition to other places. Way back in old days the design and styles would have recognized in standard grade and in present times theses are taken in grade and  quality goods. The knowledge and experience of present weaving master are considered to be so efficient running weaving looms with clattering noise producing good quality and work with so efficiently on looms & bring designs and patterns so beautiful and eye-catching that even our own occupants of north eastern states with their sound experiences traditional wise will agree and accept their techniques of counter parts in Indonesia. It is definite that tourists and visitors will buy these stuffs that on display there by Ikat weavers and very fondly to purchase such qualities. Very vital to negotiate and purchase i.e. important for tourists and visitors. Best to buy the good stuffs before leaving Indonesia.





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