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 ۞ Introduction

(Pronounced: 1 PA:/mari/; French! maw-rish-uh s, -rish-ee-uh s ) as officially named the Republic of Mauritius, French republique de maurice, consists of an Island nation off in coast of in African continent in Southeast Indian Ocean, which is 900 kms (560 miles) east of Madagascar. Island of Mauritius as named the republic also includes the islands of St. Brandon Redrigues & in the Agalega islands. Mauritius is well known past of the Macarena Islands along with the the French island of Russian 200 km(125 mile) towards the south west to northwest at distance of approx 570 km named the island Redrigues.


 ۞ Fact File


 It is located in southwest Indian ocean 20۫ 175, 57۫ 33E, 855 Kms east of madagasear and 1800 Km east of the African continent.

Geographic Area

1860 Sq Km, Latitude 20۫ 175, 57۫ 35 east of Greenwitch


Port Lois


Indo Mauritian, creale, Sino Mauritian, Franclo Mauritian.


English,  French, Hindi, Urdu, Hakka, Bhojpuri


Hindu, Christian, Muslim.

Health Risk.

Risk of Malaria, Prof of Yellow fever vaccination is require of those entering Mauritius.

Best Of Season

Winter: July To September

Least or off season

January to April, whem the long days can prove too hot and humid for some and in throat of eyelones is in air.

For Diving

December to March, when the waters are at their cleanest.

For Surfing

June To August

For Fishing

October to April is excellent for big game fishing, when the large predator feed shore to shore.


 ۞ General Information

Mauritius a wonderful, charming, gratifying to the taste, delightful island pertaining to trofries assigned and determine in the Indian ocean is a perfect, visionary holiday destination to be proud of as much tropical paradise or called heaven and the realm of supreme bliss as like maul or Martinique and appease on any bet offering it at a better price. Although shelter and press affectionately with Africa but infact definitely powerful due to cardial attachments with French, British as well as with as with heavy Indian workforce.

Many visitors have facilities, aptitude galloping in whole series of musical notes from beach resorts consist to gratify to the fall pleasantness. Those beaches contain some of the best in the world and the whole island sound or voice by big submarine pretend to position of sail building. All together wonderful & pleasing for snorkeling and water sports, visitors tourists have provisions or select to enjoy vacation on idle and indolent beach that could certainly do worse but should not neglect moving irregularly interior and the multicultural capital port Louis.




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